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Airbnb app
Nov 14, 2018
By Taylor Hatmaker
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Nov 14, 2018

RFID stickers could signal contaminated food

If a food item isn't safe to eat, it's best to find that out before someone eats it. But manual testing of every jar and bottle isn't possible, even when a threat, like the recent baby food scare, is known. MIT researchers have found a way to check many items instantly, non-invasively, and from a d…

By Devin Coldewey
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Nov 14, 2018
By Anthony Ha
Facebook messenger remove unsend
Nov 14, 2018

Facebook Messenger starts rolling out Unsend. Here’s how it works

Facebook secretly retracted messages sent by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, TechCrunch reported seven months ago. Now for the first time, Facebook Messenger users will get the power to unsend too so they can remove their sent messages from the recipient’s inbox. Messages can only be unsent for the first ten …

By Josh Constine
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Nov 14, 2018

Government denies Oracle's protest of $10B Pentagon JEDI cloud RFP

When Oracle filed a protest in August with the Government Accountability Office (GAO) last August that the Pentagon’s $10 billion JEDI RFP process was unfair, it probably had little chance of succeeding. Today the GAO turned away the protest. The JEDI contract has been set up as a winner-take…

By Ron Miller
Rivalry week
Nov 14, 2018
By Sarah Perez
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Nov 14, 2018
By Megan Rose Dickey
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Nov 14, 2018
By Brian Heater
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Nov 14, 2018
By Connie Loizos
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Nov 14, 2018

iBanFirst raises $17 million to help companies move money around the world

French startup iBanFirst is raising another $17 million (€15 million) from Serena Capital and Breega Capital, with existing investor Xavier Niel putting more money as well. iBanFirst solves a very specific problem. If you operate a company that works with suppliers all over the world, chances are y…

By Romain Dillet